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Abridging published on

Today I’ve been asked: “what are some tips if I’m thinking about starting up an abridged series?” The answer involves both politics and technical stuff. There’s actually a lot more to it than you might imagine on the surface, but it mainly revolves around how you’ll get someone to even host it in the first place, since so much of the moderation infrastructure is either automated or not well informed on the topic of law.

Also, I should say that when I declared that the Mentally Advanced Series had “failed”, I meant that it’s essentially been driven out of most of the possible hosting options. It’s still available on our website, but only through a number of concessions in regards to file size and compression quality. It’s not a complete death – it’s more like surviving on life support. Still going, but not at the capacity it started at.

In the end, I have to report that trying to maintain the abridged series is by far the most stressful project I’ve embarked on since I started making videos. The amount of work it takes is staggering, and while the end results may be worth it, I can’t express how dehumanizing it is to constantly have arguments in favor of your effort be ignored due to the medium you’ve chosen.

I do have one more thing to add, though! I mention Sailor Moon Abridged, but looks like they’re on Blip! Honestly, I don’t know what Blip’s problem was with us.