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Dumb kids pls vote

I did a silly thing! I am planning to try to get a full week in, with ponies, Soul Reaver, and Mechwarrior since I’ve been absent on those things, but in the meanwhile I found this gem of a video game in the news!

It’s a game called Giopi, and it was most likely put together in Game Maker in one afternoon. I’m not sure what kind of thinking went behind it exactly, but they’re either hoping to gain a cult following by being intentionally terrible, or they just honest to goodness don’t understand the appeal of video games and think the Millenial generation is totally vapid and puerile. If it’s the latter, I never really understood the mentality – it’s unreasonable to think one generation could evolve a totally incomprehensible new form of human psychology, so if a group you’re part of doesn’t “get” Millenials, you’re probably thinking of a wide set of people in completely the wrong terms.

The point of this game, as it has been explained in the articles I read about it, is that Millenials seem to be voting Democrat a lot, even as Millenials are getting older and starting to be at that point where they’d settle down and start families. I think if you look at some aspects of things, like that the Millenial generation has spent its entire adult life in the recession with a 15-20% unemployment rate and service industry jobs being the most readily available sources of work we can find, it’s not tough to understand why the GOP would be getting fewer Millenial votes. They’re looking at the generation most dependent on minimum wage and unemployment benefits and they’re saying, “We’ll cut unemployment benefits to fix the deficit and we will never adjust minimum wage to match inflation.”

Or in other words, the GOP strategy kind of shoots a bunch of Millenials in the foot for the short term with promises of theoretical growth and improvement over the long term, so unless they can convince that generation to take another hit for the team despite already being at the bottom and taking a lot of lumps, the GOP is just going to struggle to win that vote, and no number of video games will turn that around. Especially given that, as Millenials start thinking about families it’s becoming too late to take more hits for the country. Life doesn’t stop just because we’re in a recession, and when a young guy is holding three jobs with a pregnant wife waiting at home, it’s a hard sell to ask him to wait a few more years for a raise. When a recession lasts for decades, you eventually just have to ask if you’re willing to raise your own kids in scarcity.

Still, they tried anyway. In another thirty years they may figure out how to fix their broken background panorama!

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