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About Us

We have a bunch of people who have worked with us over the years! Below are their stories:

Otherwise known as FiMFlamFilosophy, Greg has been the main writer and voice actor for virtually everything Dawn Somewhere has done. First starting with MAS, then later teaming up with Petirep to make RDP, Greg is best known for his parodies of My Little Pony. He streams every night on Youtube from 2 PM central (4 PM Sat).

Petirep is the artist and animator who brought us Rainbow Dash Presents. Early on, Petirep drew virtually everything with his bare fingers on a phone, but eventually switched over to working on a tablet. Drawing hundreds of images for those parodies served him well for art practice over time, and these days Petirep works as a professional doing album art work and other independent contracting. Petirep also wrote, drew, and animated DinkieSharkFighter32, which was a brief series of spoofs on the “pony Tumblr blog” phenomenon that was taking place at the time.

Allen has been the voice of our parody of Princess Celestia, Thrackerzod, and a small slew of background characters in MAS and RDP. He also features in his own series called “Allen Hour” which Allen writes and directs through ad-libbing. While not working with Dawn Somewhere, he performs a cast called “Coffee and Pie“, where he does things like eating ghost peppers until somebody regrets everything.

Aisu is an artist and voice actress for Dawn Somewhere and has to claim a certain amount of responsibility for Greg’s progress as an artist. Not too much, though, only the good aspects. The mistakes are because Greg doesn’t listen. Aisu has been the voice for Chloe and Alexis in “Gym of the Romantic Journey”, but has also lent her voice here and there for other characters. She makes frequent appearances to the nightly work streams, and while she is talented with color and anatomy, she’s also comfortable with NSFW material, so care should be taken when visiting her blog. She has a busy schedule but maintains a Patreon and may take commissions.

Alice has provided voices for the channel, including Harry Wayne in “My Little Dashie” and a variety of minor characters.

Copy is an artist and animator who’s worked on a bunch of our animated shorts. She has a good mix of skill in a variety of areas and a respectable work ethic, so her contributions vary depending on project needs! Aside from assisting with animation, she was also responsible for the entire “crayon” section in an episode of “Rainbow Dash Presents”. More examples of her work can be found on her blog.

DeMarkcus has been the voice of our parody of Aurora Dawn and also worked with us on a few silly live action shorts called “Remarkable DeMarcus,” wherein Greg misspelled his name. With a deep baritone and a likable demeanor, DeMarkcus sometimes had the tendency to flub line readings, which would cause him to inarticulately garble nonsense for a while to loosen up. Since the practice got a good round of laughs when it happened, eventually Greg wrote a character who was intentionally inarticulate, and no matter what DeMarkcus said, the first take became the only take. He actually has quite a rich voice on a normal basis.

Kenza was the voice of the Jokermort in “My Little Dashie” and has also contributed a voice to a few minor roles in both MAS and a Let’s Play or two.

Norman is the artist and animator behind Gym of the Romantic Journey and a slew of comedic shorts for the channel. Also a regular to the nightly work streams, Norman has taught Greg some solid details about art, animation, and related software. He has additional experience in game design, and some viewers may recognize him as the guy who did a bunch of special effects work for “Ghost” and its sequel for Mystery Ben.

Also known from his blog title, “Pencils Pit of Pony”, Pencils has contributed work to comics, character concepts, and backgrounds for our site. He has industry experience and it shows in his art! He is also the self-described best crepe chef in Finland. No single soul has ever told Pencils his crepes were merely okay; he is a purveyor of fine crepe cuisine.

[Entry expunged]
Please contact your local authorities if you make a Smeg sighting in your area. He is likely unarmed and extremely harmless. Discussion of Smeg on this website is forbidden.

A friend of Greg’s and a linguist, SpottableBus knows a few languages and used this ability to read foreign cookbooks in lieu of voice acting once. She’s responsible for the voice of Dazzler and Orion Comet from “Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla”, but has also done a few other minor characters.