MAS 13

So this has happened! Yes.

Pinkie has the twitches. They fill Pinkie with psychic power, which is not terribly useful when it’s almost always forgotten by the writers or just never spoken of. It may also be possible that they are a result of a medical condition, which is a good reason for Twilight to get involved in Pinkie’s life.

When this episode came out, there was a bit of arguing over its message and whether it had to do with faith, science, or something in between. I decided to stick to the original moral as I get it, but be a bit more blunt about what it represents. Aside from that, picking through the old season one episode, it’s easy to tell how much the show has changed by now in a lot of ways that are sometimes pretty subtle.

Anyway, I burned myself out a bit getting this done so quickly! I won’t be able to speed through these like I did with this one, but it looks like it’s feasible, and this gives me a better gauge of how much work it’s going to take! We may not get an Allen Hour our this week as a result of me dedicating the extra time to this video, but we’ll see!

6 thoughts on “MAS 13

  1. Even if this isn’t a pace you can keep up, the speed at which you got this done is impressive. Did using the Soul Reaver 2 format make it any easier?

  2. Hooray, MAS continues!
    The moral of this episode reminds me of this post:
    Studies with small enough sample sizes (and bad enough methodology) can prove anything you want. Cherrypick enough of these kind of studies, and you can build a “scientific” case for whatever your ideology already demands you believe.

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