Site neglect and rectification

So I’ve neglecting the site a bit with recent events, but it’s time to get some updates under way!

First off, we’ve had three updates to the Let’s Play of Pony Fantasy 6:

I’m going to try to get another finished up today, if I can!

We’ve got a little bit of other news, too, coupled with some fan art by ArkyPony:

Recently, the writer of Rainbow Factory, Aurora Dawn, sent me an e-mail. Our own parody rendition of Rainbow Factory has just recently hit over one million views! And it’s gotten so big that a number of people now more closely associate those characters and that story with our own production more than they do with the original, to the point that Aurora Dawn has been occasionally accused of stealing our idea!

Well, that’s no good. So we’ve set up a link to Aurora Dawn’s FiMFiction page in our writing section, which you guys can check out at your leisure! We’ll also add disclaimers in future videos featuring Aurora, so we can avoid that from here on out.

Aside from that, we’ve got some updates and activity from the guys on the Minecraft server!

First up is Daniel, just because I like the sort of news format he does. It makes me feel cozy about running the server, really:

The guys have also split off in their own directions. The Caped Avenger reports:

Meanwhile, Jaqen, who also goes by the name “Artorias” or “The Cthultist”, has begun threatening everyone’s lives. On multiple occasions, no less, but so far nobody has been able to figure out where he’s doing these things:

Bnlol simply flat our disagrees with Jaqen, calling him a liar and insisting that he is, in actuality, doing nothing:

And finally, if you don’t keep up with Youtube feeds, I’ve finally given in to the notion of accepting donations. If the site, as a whole, including album sales, ad revenue, and so forth, produces $3,000 per month, then I’ll be able to live on it. If that happens, I’ll get to producing content for this site full time! We’ve had some really generous donations so far, and I can say with certainty that another chapter of Accessory is on the way as a response to some seriously considerate good will.

I don’t know if we’ll make it, but so far the commissions have been fun, and with the donations I admit to having some honest hope at the prospect! Here’s to getting more silly stuff on the internet!

2 thoughts on “Site neglect and rectification

  1. Glad you decided to start accepting donations along with the commissions- there’s no shame in asking for a bit of help when you need it. Threw a little bit your way- good luck with your commissions and all that.

    This also doubled as a test with Paypal and finally my card works with their system. Hurray!

  2. My update isn’t here sorry guys. I have all the recordings but without Greg in it I didn’t have the heart to post it. Remember you can commission me to commission Greg to be in my videos! Wait what the heck am I saying if you give me money Im going to blow it on video games and pizza.

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