The big 50!

Wow! 50 issues! I can’t believe it! And I couldn’t have chosen a better issue to be #50. This issue is one of the most beautiful I’ve done for this series so far – I love the way this one came out. I am rather proud of this one.

So check it out already! Comic 50

7 thoughts on “The big 50!

  1. Let’s see here… the goblins came and burn down the huts, houses, swings and seesaws of someone’s settlement, a crown wearing goblin killed another crown wearing goblin, and some tall beings were given a ceremony.
    And Fluttershy hangs out with sheep sometimes.

  2. No confetti, no pinkie pie, no party, no nothing! it seems you will never be more than simple 50th page comic strip.

    Keep it up guys, till 100!! go go go

  3. Congratulations and excellent work! Juggling this and RDP must be taking its toll, but progress is always appreciated.

    Speaking of which, what’s the ballpark estimate for when can we expect Episode 11 Rainbow Dash Presents: My Little Dashie?

    • Episode 11 is never coming, however. Greg is hard at work on Episode 12, and that should be out sometime in early December if continues on his current pace.

      My Little Dashie is half way done. It depends on how quickly I can work over Christmas, but that should be done either late December or early January.

  4. So since Marigold (or whatever the yellow one’s name is) can’t be in RDP, she sneaks off to Lord of Dwarves? Sneaky pony, that one.

    Also, grats on 50!

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