Hovercraft Herds

I hope everyone had a good holiday! I got a bit swept up in things myself, but we’ve got some new videos online. The first up is another episode of Vengeance:

Rae sweeps the area alone, taking down a battalion of hovercraft as she gossips with Jordan about the team.

In New Vegas, Queen Latifah ran drugs for the Khans, sabotaged Little Ceasar’s attempts at diplomacy, stormed a whore house, and somewhat fruitlessly battled Deathclaws.

We’ve also had a few Monday Musics and Personal Times. But on that note, however, a fan sent me some info regarding Youtube’s systems, and apparently things work a bit less intuitively than I realized. Mainly, videos like Monday Music may actually be reducing our views. Consider, for example, Pony Fantasy. At present, that video has 55,000 views and 1,600 likes. The first New Vegas episode has about 50,000 views and 1,300 likes. However, going forward, the Mechwarrior let’s play has 22,000 views and 820 likes, which is about half the others – which is a touch strange since that’s nearly half the hits the others got.

Well, it turns out that Youtube actually stops notifying subscribers or recommending videos every time I release something that isn’t a smash hit with a huge audience. Namely, every time I release a Monday Music and it gets a mere 1,000 hits, Youtube punishes the channel by reducing promotion to everything. Branching out into new ideas that don’t instantly have a huge following actually causes Youtube’s algorithms to gradually kill traffic to all videos.

Since I can’t change Youtube, that means I need to make some changes to how I schedule and release videos with intent to re-build view counts and so on. Specifically, in the near future I’ll probably quit doing Monday Music and instead change it to monthly music, where I release four songs at the start of every month – doing things that way will mean there’s only one video per month that appeals to a smaller audience, which will reduce the punishment levied against our channel.

It’s a complex issue because a number of features on Youtube are a little contradictory, but I’ll go more in-depth later on. For this month I can’t afford to make too many changes – ad revenue plummets in January, post holiday as it is, so I won’t be able to take risks with content scheduling for a little bit.

Slow Shilones

In spite of recent losses, the war continues to gain momentum for the Dodson Military. Now making progress through occupation, the next greatest threat to the forces on foot is air bombardment, so Regal Lance steps in to deal with it.

We’ve also got the return of Allen Hour! The absence is explained within and makes perfect sense!

And Queen Latifah continues to make progress with the Great Khans, doing favors and making friends.

MAS -1

We have finished the first official episode of the new Mentally Advanced reboot! Episode -1! Because we’re traveling backwards at this point, in time and space and prettiness of the art! Anyway, Twilight, gets some tickets and has to give them away to someone.

We also have a new episode of New Vegas, wherein Queen Latifah functions as a drug mule to a bunch of billboard raiders! After which, she ventures into Deathclaw country.