Confectionery Champion

It’s time to start the kids on their lifetime of intense training at the Gym of the Romantic Journey! At the tender age of ten or sometimes a few years older, tomorrow’s generation must decide on what they want to be good at until they are mercilessly killed by a worthy adversary. Or until they retire and open a deli. Someone’s got to run the ninja deli.

MAS -9

If you guys haven’t caught it yet, a new episode of the Mentally Advanced Series is online! Spring’s around the corner and it’s time for the ponies to clean up winter, but Dash is in charge of a division of the teams and Twilight isn’t allowed to use her magic. Of course there’s nothing in the rules against the power of song.

There’s also a new episode of Kaybe the Dragon Boxer! Kaybe’s joins the thieves guild in a fashion that proves they’ll take just about anybody, only to be told that her career skills are a direct detriment to what the guild does.

This month we’ll have fewer things coming up. I’m spending two weeks with Kenza, who has come out to be with me in the States. That also means no production streams during that time, but I’ll be back to work mid-month!

Banana Republic and Arting With Petirep

We’ve got a couple of new things this week!

First up is a new Banana Republic, featuring Peyton’s arch nemesis: a monkey with deep psychological problems equal to Peyton’s own.

We’ve also got a new Arting With Petirep! It’s been a little while but he’s back to teach us how he draws faces or pony characters to better reflect their age.

And we also had another episode of Kaybe the Dragon Boxer. Kaybe is the chosen one! Again!

Swarm of the Century

If you haven’t caught it yet, episode -8 of MAS is out! The Yellow One makes an appearance bearing a horrible infestation of adorable parasites, but Twilight, being the enterprising horse that she is, comes up with a swift solution to the problem. One has to wonder how Parasprites exist in the wild without devastating everything.