Kaybe’s Lesbian Dragon-Punching Adventures in Skyrim

We’re starting a new series in leui of New Vegas. Kaybe the Skyrim Dragon Boxer:

This thing is actually stuffed pretty ridiculously with mods, but truth be told I feel like it’s the most entertaining way to play Skyrim. We’re following a slightly different format than we did Rae, however, where we’ll stay more in character and narrate the story from Kaybe’s perspective as things are happening. The Elder Scrolls is full of absurd and interesting lore, so this ought to give me a chance to flesh places out in ways the game itself may not naturally do. It’s also a chance to justify some of the more outlandish travels with monologuing.

Back From Babscon!

And I’m back from the con! After a day of reasonable relaxation, we’re back to work! A huge thanks to everyone who came out to see us. It was really nice meeting fans and being encouraged to keep up the work. It’s very uplifting for motivations. However, I noticed we had a few kids in the audience during our panel, and I warned it was going to be PG-13, but since then I have been thinking a lot about that since it seems like a very nice mom was sitting at the front and I believe she was there because her daughter was a big fan. Her son was a little younger, and if I do another con in the future I should probably figure out a brief lesson about juxtaposition to contextualize things. It could also serve as a light analysis of how and why we write the characters as we do and how I see them.

As it was, it didn’t occur to me how frequently Twilight swears at her friends in MAS. I sort of forget these things as I’m exposed to it for hours on end while I work on the projects, and in contrast I’m personally often quiet and polite, so I suspect that mom wasn’t expecting our parody to so bluntly suggest that Gummy and Applejack are part of a secret sexy love pact. In any case, I’ve got some footage and some pictures, so I’ll do a video about the con later this week!

But in other news, speaking of MAS, we’ve got a new episode!

Twilight is called upon to chase a dragon out of its cave, so she handles the best way she knows how. There are a lot of ways to handle dragons if you think about it – shouting at Spike seems to work, but for the big ones a pony needs a bigger solution.

We also have a short from a brand new artist named Phoeberia:

Somehow, those griffons came in third place during the Equestria Games, losing to both Fluttershy and Roll Fizzlebeef. Neither of those ponies could fly or do anything terribly athletic, so I imagine the post-game discussion must have been a little terse.
Phoeberia is a new artist and if you’d like to check out her work, she has a DeviantArt!

We’ll be at Babscon!

So Petirep and I will be at Babscon from the 3rd to the 5th of this month! If you’ll be there and want to drop in with us, we’ll be running a panel on Saturday from 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM. We plan to have close to about a half hour of new or rarely seen video, including Episode – 5 of MAS, the stop-frame rendition of Party of One, the partially completed Episode 11, and a short called “Griffons: Post-Game Huddle” drawn and animated by new artist Phoeberia. I’ll be bringing some download cards for our albums, and I’ll go ahead and just hand those out to anyone who comes by. They’re cheap and I’ve been hanging on to them since Sweet Apple Acres Con fell through!

If you won’t find yourselves at the con, MAS -5 will launch on April 5th, and Griffons will launch on April 6th.

In other news, we completed our Fallout: New Vegas Let’s Play!

I need to go and update the listings on the website. Queen Latifah’s long journey finally comes to an end as Mr. House sends her off for a final errand.

Up next, I plan to do an adventure in Skyrim starring a character played by Peyton. I haven’t decided on an exact title. “Peyton’s Crazy, Cat, Lesbian, Dragon, Assassin Adventures in Skyrim” springs to mind becaue it’s very accurately descriptive, but some of those adjectives won’t come up as much.

Trixie Show!

We’ve got a new episode of MAS! The Trixie Show comes to town with all the planning and talent therein! Of course, the ponies are quick to heckle because, let’s face it, it’s hard to be impressed after you’ve battled a god, even if it was kind of a dumb god.

We’ve also got two new episodes of New Vegas. Queen Latifah steals some chairs, then tries to help the NCR with their problems. Both efforts end in general tragedy.

I’ve also got another cast of Supreme Commander Shenangans, featuring Mad Mozart and Voodoo, if you’re into RTS games. The map has a lot of resources, so there’s a fair amount of fighting and a general endless stream of units piling in.