Queen Latifah cautiously makes her way to the X-8 research facility in order to upgrade the sonic blaster so it can pass force fields. Try as she might, ammo still remains in short supply and is used up pretty rapidly. Big Mountain is a dangerous place, and Queen Latifah has never been much of a contender when it comes to head-on conflict. This is especially true when trapped in a building full of vicious, cyborg dogs.

Out of the Pan

We’ve got a new Monday Music! Today’s song is a theme for a female character who consorts with eldritch horrors. This song was requested to represent a break from the leash of those beings into a relatively brighter tomorrow.

The original build for this song included a flute part that was apparently lifted from a group called “Barcode Brothers”. I have to offer a huge thanks to the people who pointed that out – it wasn’t something I’d done intentionally. The site that I got the sample from has its own rules for licensing and so forth, and the person who uploaded that sample didn’t represent it as anything unoriginal. The entire concept of plagiarism where music is concerned can be complicated, but using a copywritten sample without permission can lead to trouble, so if any of you guys catch anything like that again, let me know!

The rest of the song, however, is just fine, and I scratch-built the new piano part you hear now instead! So this should be fine to use for your project without worries.

You can download here if you like it!

The Great Base Robbery

Jordan sets up a plan and Regal Lance descends on an Oligopolmart base with intent to steal everything not nailed down! The team doesn’t have a really clear idea of what’s present, but it’s high risk, high reward.

I also did a Personal Time where I talked about working at a pharmacy under a megacorp. It’s actually the case that some of my experience in retail guides some of the writing for the Mechwarrior Let’s Plays.

We’ve also got a new Allen Hour, wherein Allen gets a law degree! This short skit was inspired by some musings he and I were making about the idea behind law sometimes, where we like to assume that people are going to be rational. Sometimes laws are passed in an effort to modify behavior, but humans just don’t always cooperate with theories, exactly.

Janos’s Keep

Raziel makes it to Janos Audron’s keep after a bit of time travel! The time streaming device itself is set up in a very suspicious manner, but it’s nowhere near as disconcerting and Janos’s actual home. The man has golden death ray eyeballs installed all over the place.

X-13 and Car Keys

Queen Latifah makes her way to X-13, which she mistakes for X-12, and is besieged by a hundred billion scorpions! She’s also nearly killed by a pack of cyber dogs, but many of her problems seem to be solved by quickly closing doors.

We’ve also got a new Monday Music, this time featuring a lot of synth and electronic percussion!

And although I promised Mechwarrior last week, it turned out I wasn’t as close to finished as I felt I was and wasn’t to wrap the video up before Sunday was over. It’s going to be a fifteen minute episode, though, which is long for that series!