Giant Robot Scorpions!

At last, Queen Latifah finds herself in the lair of Dr. Moebius! And of course, his nefarious evil plan is to attack our intrepid hero with a giant, robot scorpion. It doesn’t go so well, though, because it turns out the giant prototype has a ton of sensory problems and tends to forget that Latifah is even there.

Stranded Dropship

After discovering the convoy they intercepted was headed to a downed dropship, the Dodson Military changes routes and decides to make an appearance instead! Unfortunately, a downed dropship also means a downed military squadron, complete with the heavy weaponry one might expect from that kind of detail.

We’ve also got a new Monday Music, featuring a middle-eastern style with sitar and mandolin!

Equestria Primates Preview

We scheduled for Sunday, but it’s too late! The internet found us! Ah well. We’ll do more stuff like that for Patrons in the future, when it makes sense. In the meanwhile, you guys can check out this preview of Equestria Primates! This is just the opening, and after we’ll scale back on the art a bit so we can launch by some time in the winter!

“Equestria Girls” made us think a lot of silly things, so as our last hurrah in this style of parody, we’re going to poke fun at them. If you guys haven’t seen the original “Equestria Girls”, it’s on iTunes!

Doing the Same Thing All the Time

We have a new episode of the Mentally Series online! Ponyville’s youngest… well, main characters are doing things. The same things they always do. The things they were made to do and will go on doing for as long as they can be done. In a way, they’re really more ambitious than normal kids, but it’s harder to wonder if they aren’t learning good social skills by doing all these adventures instead of sitting down to play a nice wholesome board game every now and then.

In other news! Our Patreons ought to go check out our Patreon page! There’s something neat waiting for you! I drew a bird. Oh, also, there’s a video! We’ll launch that video on Sunday after it’s got a proper thumbnail.

The Final McGuffin!

Queen Latifah collects the final of the three McGuffins, along with a bunch of frag mines laid explicitly on a large pipe. What’s the pipe for? Nobody knows, but it probably shouldn’t have mines on it! All that stands between Queen Latifah and the blistering sands of freedom now is the “Forbidden Zone”, which obviously has a giant scorpion robot in it.