Peel Off Nanalyzes The Mighty Mad Munchkin

Peel Off is back, with several minutes of wisdom in regards to Mad Munchkin and some tangents involving related but not strictly relevant observations of dragons. I would describe the episode as poignant and enlightening, not because these are accurate adjectives, but because they’re positive-sounding and Peel Off is absolutely positive about these things she has to say!

The Arguing of the Leaves

Rainbow Dash stakes her personal worth on being able to win petty competitions, so there’s not a lot of time before age sets in and she has to grapple with that. Applejack decides to muscle in for the sake of pride, and the result is an insecure Dash willing to go to any length to be the top of whatever the heck is going on. Also ponies run. They run a lot. But that happens later because it would take me a while to animate it.

Additionally, due to copyright trolling, I can no longer use the original MAS outro. Somebody used Content ID to indirectly claim a sound sample from the Sony ACID pack that came with the software. If you guys really dislike it, let me know and I’ll work on something better – this was a rush job! If you do like I’ll leave it! The new one is a bit more… explosive coming in.

We have a new episode of Kaybe! Our hero goes to a wedding she wasn’t invited to while decked out in animal skins. In Skyrim this sort of thing happens all the time. Booze attracts the countrymen like syrup attracts fruit flies.

Cutie Mark Catastrophe

Growing up as a pony means having your destiny magically determined for you by a life-long image on your butt. Whatever that image comes to be, whether it’s a thumb tack or an inexplicable desert island, will be the one thing you’re truly good at above all else. For this reason it’s both a rite of adulthood and a kind of hazing ritual to gain and celebrate the cutie mark. Most children are afflicted at a very young age, but continue going to school anyway in spite of being imbued with all knowledge related to their craft by sorcery.