Peel Off’s Nanalysis

MAS Episode -7 is finished and waiting in the wings! It’s ready to launch on the first of next month.

In the meanwhile, I’ve put together an analysis video. Meet Peel Off, whose brevity is second only to the value of her perspective:

We also have two new Skyrim Let’s Plays. In the first episode, Kaybe gets to Bleak Falls Barrow and hunts down Fargengar’s artifact, only to later be collared by a daedric prince. Following that, an old dragon strikes at the land, and Kaybe receives a summons from the Greybeards, which she promptly ignores.

Ponis, Now With Movement!

We have a new episode of MAS:

Twilight holds a slumber party with herself and two ponies who are completely opposed in nearly every regard. The three might be a little old for a slumber party. There comes a time in your life when staying up late sounds like a punishment instead of a fun time, but these things must be set aside for research purposes.

We’ve also get new episodes of Kaybe the Skyrim Dragon Boxer! Our hero begins her quest to kill random people for money but is sidetracked by complaints of Nightmares in Dawnster, which leads her to Nightcaller Temple. After solving the problem, Kaybe heads far south to the base of Hrothgar to do battle with a homeless person.

In other news, I’ve done some upgrades to my computer! The old motherboard was nearing ten years old, and while a few new parts were keeping things functional, I finally had to modernize the thing. The result? A night of suffering for several reasons. I used to have a friend who’d say, “Never buy pre-built computers” like they’d killed his family or something. You don’t really appreciate advice like that until you go to install all your parts and find the GPU won’t fit any longer due to the case not being designed to accommodate hardware changes. I guess they expect me to buy a whole new computer, but by choosing my own parts I really have wound up with a much more powerful computer for a fraction of what a pre-built would cost. $400 later and I’m competitive with pre-builts on the market trying to sell near $1,000.

Only trouble is the system fan on this new case is really loud, which I hope won’t cause me issues with recording. But the bright side is, the new set up will overcome a bunch of my old problems. Aside from being able to run everything at higher settings and rendering videos faster, I’ve also tripled my hard drive space, which is a huge issue with video files. I won’t have to constantly shuffle stuff between internal and external hard drives anymore!

Kaybe’s Lesbian Dragon-Punching Adventures in Skyrim

We’re starting a new series in leui of New Vegas. Kaybe the Skyrim Dragon Boxer:

This thing is actually stuffed pretty ridiculously with mods, but truth be told I feel like it’s the most entertaining way to play Skyrim. We’re following a slightly different format than we did Rae, however, where we’ll stay more in character and narrate the story from Kaybe’s perspective as things are happening. The Elder Scrolls is full of absurd and interesting lore, so this ought to give me a chance to flesh places out in ways the game itself may not naturally do. It’s also a chance to justify some of the more outlandish travels with monologuing.