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Jaycartoons: Loneliest Cosmonaut

Jaycartoons: Loneliest Cosmonaut published on No Comments on Jaycartoons: Loneliest Cosmonaut

Here’s a link to Jay’s Tumblr:

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Red and Green find a lonely cosmonaut stranded on the moon, and apparently he’s been here for quite a while. Lunar life is fairly barren. There’s lots of dust and lots of Vodka.

Archives and Updates

Archives and Updates published on No Comments on Archives and Updates

It’s about time the site started getting some better organization! Since the website has gone back to being managed by essentially one person, I’ve decided to try and move things around and make them work in a way that seems intuitive and easy to work with from my perspective. Unfortunately, the “new” forum has broken and is internally complicated, so for now we’re reverting to the old forum again. I don’t know if I can revive the “new” forum and I apologize for what a pain it is to everyone being herded back and forth. We’ve also broken the menus down by category, and I’ve added archive links so it’s easier to navigate our projects!