Push into the Capitol

The Dodson Military pushes into Dodson City with intent to retake the capitol. Joining them is Colonel Jackson, who has recovered from her wounds in her prior battle. The incident has left her with an unfortunate loss of status within her own army’s ranks, and time is running out to capture major players still remaining on the planet.

Ponies, War Games, Post-Apocalypse

Soon! Soon I will get back on track!

We had a new episode of ponies! Gilda goes to spend a few weeks with Rainbow Dash, and the two discover that their childhood memories of each other are a bit different than the bald, adult reality.

In Fallout: New Vegas, Queen Latifah reports to the Brotherhood of Steel, only to be sent on a quest to fix the air conditioner. It’s something of a lackluster request with the promise of death attached to it, so instead our hero allows herself to be distracted by her own self-interest.

Finally, after quite a long stretch! I’ve done another cast of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance! It’s a game featuring players in the average range of the ladder, so their tactics aren’t as tight as what you see from the top guys, but the map itself promotes very aggressive play. The mistakes they make are some fairly common ones – forgetting to micro, timing aggression at poor intervals, setting up mostly useless point defenses – so this is the kind of thing you’d bump into as FAF tries to figure out where you belong in the ladder.

A lot of catch-up to do!

Since the holidays and Kenza’s visit, I’ve been woefully behind on everything! However, we’ve got a bunch of stuff that I haven’t updated on, so here we go:

First up, we have a return to Legacy of Kain: Defiance, with two new videos wherein Kain seeks out Moebius to insult his stupid face.

And the second one here.

Queen Latifah continues her adventures across the wasteland, helping the Brotherhood of Steel, then getting somewhat sidetracked from that mission.

I’ve got a new Dwarf Fortress tutorial. This one is on how to establish a windmill farm and few simple mechanisms together! No complex traps yet, but learning how to use the water pump is essential on some maps and can be a bit daunting at first glance.

Equestria Primates
In general, I have announcements – some good, some bad. The bad is that unfortunately, Equestria Primates is now on indefinite hiatus. Basically, it is kill – I won’t jerk you guys around by building up your hope and saying, “well, it’ll still arrive in a few months”. I can’t promise that because presently there are no concrete plans in regards to a return to Equestria Primates. We’ve got a bit more done, with a scene inside a cookie train using a moving backdrop, rocking trains, and a bit of animation in general. It looks beautiful, but the bottom line is, Petirep finally got burnt out after hand-drawing a thousand pony butts and having only a few minutes to show for the hours and hours of work.

So we talked about it, and what we’ve decided to do is go ahead and start working on Banana Republic shorts. They’ll each be roughly one minute in length and will cover any topic we feel like since we won’t be explicitly constrained to commenting on My Little Pony. Some of it will be slice of life, some of it may be politics, but of course, regardless, we’ll do our best to keep it light, fun, and worth seeing every time we get something out there! Petirep is also experimenting with some new techniques, including vectors and full-blown animation. For those who wanted to know what Taylor and Peyton look like, here’s a concept sketch of the whole trio:

You notice Peyton kept Kain’s hairstyle from the Defiance thumbnail. Those little horns felt kind of fitting.

As for the future of Equestria Primats – as I say, there are no concrete plans for it presently, so I encourage you to assume it’s over with. If you’re hanging around waiting for it and it’s the one thing you wanted to see from us, I’m afraid I need to be direct about this and let you down. However, while I encourage you guys to let Equestria Primates go and make peace with its passing, I’ll personally keep the hope alive in my own heart. As I improve with my own art skill, there’s a very real chance that the script and planning for Equestria Primates may return as a multi-part sort of thing, but that’s further down the line, once I’m happy to say that I have a good amount of control and an ability to convey some of the wacky situations written for the thing. I still want it to feel like something of a grand adventure.

And of course, speaking of my own art, we appear to be on schedule for MAS episode -3, and it should be online by the 11th! It was a looking a little hairy there in the first two weeks, but we’re on schedule!