Banana Republic and Arting With Petirep

We’ve got a couple of new things this week!

First up is a new Banana Republic, featuring Peyton’s arch nemesis: a monkey with deep psychological problems equal to Peyton’s own.

We’ve also got a new Arting With Petirep! It’s been a little while but he’s back to teach us how he draws faces or pony characters to better reflect their age.

And we also had another episode of Kaybe the Dragon Boxer. Kaybe is the chosen one! Again!

Swarm of the Century

If you haven’t caught it yet, episode -8 of MAS is out! The Yellow One makes an appearance bearing a horrible infestation of adorable parasites, but Twilight, being the enterprising horse that she is, comes up with a swift solution to the problem. One has to wonder how Parasprites exist in the wild without devastating everything.

They Graybeard Betrayal

They Graybeards send Kaybe to go fetch one of their ancient artifacts, but they neglect to account for how far away and completely unguarded it’s been for however many centuries. In the future, they probably ought to test the Dragonborn with a multiple choice scantron, although Kaybe would almost more certainly fail that test.