Slow Shilones

In spite of recent losses, the war continues to gain momentum for the Dodson Military. Now making progress through occupation, the next greatest threat to the forces on foot is air bombardment, so Regal Lance steps in to deal with it.

We’ve also got the return of Allen Hour! The absence is explained within and makes perfect sense!

And Queen Latifah continues to make progress with the Great Khans, doing favors and making friends.

MAS -1

We have finished the first official episode of the new Mentally Advanced reboot! Episode -1! Because we’re traveling backwards at this point, in time and space and prettiness of the art! Anyway, Twilight, gets some tickets and has to give them away to someone.

We also have a new episode of New Vegas, wherein Queen Latifah functions as a drug mule to a bunch of billboard raiders! After which, she ventures into Deathclaw country.

Prison Base

I really let the time get away from me! I hadn’t realized how long I’d put off updating, so here we go:

We’ve got a new episode of Mechwarrior 4! The Dodson military hits a prison base where the civil service units are being trained. The place is heavily defended and just lousy with other robots.

In New Vegas, Queen Latifah has made a visit to Little Caesar’s Pizza Fort, where she was ordered to destroy Dr. House’s robots.
She didn’t comply, of course, because Little Caesar is insane and enslaves women, so there’s no benefit at all for Queen Latifah to agree with anything Little Caesar says. She is willing, however, to help a bunch of drug smugglers with whatever random things they want.

We’ve got three Monday Musics as well!
The first is a theme we commonly use for Celestia in our parodies.
The second is a commission for a cutebold theme. They’re kobolds, but considerably more adorable.
And today we have a request for a title screen for a tower defense game. This one is short but designed in the form of a march.

If you missed it, I did another Patreon Q&A! If you have any questions and you’re a patron, send them in to my Patreon e-mail and I’ll answer them for the next one!