We begin a new game! Continuing on to the sequel of Soul Reaver 2, Peyton, Taylor, and Rae begin their careful analysis of Legacy of Kain: Defiance! In it, Kain prowls around and stabs many things. He’s a very good ruler, even though all his subjects are dead. Because they’re vampires. Quite a few of them, also, have ceased to function entirely on the mortal plane. Because they were stabbed.

More Investigation!

Queen Latifah continues her fruitless investigation! With no way past that locked safe, it seems the only way forward is to keep working for the Van Graffs. However, Cass suddenly and inexplicably comes down with amnesia and forgets who the Van Graffs are!

MAS Progress Update 1

This video is an update on where we’re actually standing with our plans for MAS! Basically, I’m at the entry level for this kind of stuff, and if we wait for Petirep to be available it will be a few months at the bare minimum – it’s hard to say how busy he’ll be after he’s done with his current project, so the smartest thing to do will be to learn how to put MAS together independently!

So far the general consensus is that MAS should remain ponies and not drift too far away from the MLP setting and characters. Although there are people saying they’d like to see unique stuff not strictly related to ponies, and that will certainly be possible as I get a grasp of what I’m doing!