News and Prions

Today I talk about a couple things! I’m preparing to leave the country for just a bit to see Kenza again, but thanks to all this talk about the lost Malaysian flight and a few articles on cracked about plane crashes, I’m feeling a touch more nervous than usual. I have a general fear of heights, so this is kind of typical for me, though.

I also talk a bit about a recent proposal to cut pay and benefits to the Marines. I have a few friends who are Marines, so I have personal feelings about it, but I try to address it in a practical manner. It’s just kind of a poor proposal from a number of standpoints, I think. If your armed forces are stressed, they get depressed, and depression means languidness which is not really good for performance. I could go on, but for the benefit of my friends in the Marines I hope they decide not to go through with the cuts.

Finally, I at last discuss prions and protein folding, as promised so long ago! I’m not sure it’s the clearest explanation, but my original explanation from way back when was a bit too complicated. I think a background with organic chemistry is a lot more helpful when it comes to protein folding, so when I approach the videos as isolated works that need to be self-contained, this subject is a little more challenging.

Vorador’s Spiel

Raziel stumbles into Vorador, who leads Raziel to believe that he may be part of a grander prophesy. Raziel then decides that of course a dead race would have foretold his coming, and he sets out to make their prophesy true or at least better known to himself. If it weren’t for all the time travel, this is what you might call a “self-fulfilling” prophesy.

Clearing the Madre

Queen Latifah finally makes it to the vault in the Madre! The place that everyone has been telling her she wants to be, that she couldn’t let go of, and it’s probably one of the worst parts of the area. There are catwalks suspended over midair, holograms, tons of radios, traps, poison gas, and the only good thing there is a bunch of medicine and some heavy, heavy gold! Needless to say, Queen Latifah never has a hard time letting go of this place at all – she never really wanted to be there!

In other news, I’ll be traveling out of town to see Kenza next week, so I’ve been doing a lot of back-to-back voice acting to try and get a week of videos completed in advance. In doing so, I’ve managed to run my voice a bit ragged. You may be able to pick up on that towards the end of this video, because this is where it started to go out on me.